Alvaro Cassinelli

Researcher, Inventor & Media Artist



Alvaro Cassinelli was born in Montevideo (Uruguay) in 1972.

In 1990 he obtained both the Uruguay and French Bachelor degree, and a grant from the Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale to pursue his studies in France.

In 1996 he obtained a Graduate Engineering diploma from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications (now Télécom ParisTech). He completed the same year a Doctoral Qualifying Degree (DEA) in physics (laser and matter interaction) from the University of Paris-XI/ENST/EcolePolytechnique.

In 2000 he received a Ph.D degree from the University of Paris-XI Orsay.

From 2001 to 2015 he was Research Fellow, ResearchAssistant and since 2006, Assistant Professor and leader of the Meta-Perception group at the Ishikawa-Watanabe Laboratory, Department of Information Physics and Computing, University of Tokyo.

He is now CTO/Director R&D at SinergiaTech, the first FabLab in Uruguay, as well as Research Fellow at RCAST (University of Tokyo). His research interests include fundamental aspects of physical computing (optical computing, quantum computing) as well as optical telecommunications, artificial vision systems, robotics, and more recently human-machine interfaces using state-of-the-art optical technology.

In parallel, he enjoys applying the results of this research to his more personal works as a Media Artist, and has been awarded several prizes in this field, including an Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica (2006), the Grand Prize [Art Division] at the 9th Japan Media Art Festival (2006), an Excellence Prize [Entertainment Division] at the 13th Japan Media Art Festival (2009), the Jury Grand Prize at Laval Virtual (2011), the NISSAN Research Challenge Innovative Concept Award (2011), the DC EXPO prize at SIGGRAPH’16 Emerging Technologies (2017).