Collaborations (industry and goverment)

1. Contributed yearly to the Roadmap for Optoelectronics technical report for the European
Commission (1996-2000)

2. Technical Advisor and board member of EXVISION (spinoff company of the
Ishikawa-Watanabe Laboratory).

3. Consultant (and later collaborator) for SigongTech (Korean Multimedia company), in
charge of Yeosu World Expo Thematic Pavillon 2012.

4. Principal researcher in Tokyo for the “LASERINNE” project, an international collaborative
project (European Regional Development Fund Programming period 2007 to 2013),
between Lapland University (Finland), University of Berlin, and The University of Tokyo.
(interactive laser games on the ski slope during a Skiing World Cup at Levi resort in 2012).

5. Research collaboration with various tech companies (Samsung Electronics,
TOYOTA Tsusho Electronics, Nissan Research labs, Omron and Hamamatsu Photonics).

6. From 2006 to 2010, I’ve been consultant for a large Japanese furniture company (Okamura)
planning the design of the “office of the future”, as well as a big car maker (Nissan) designing
a futuristic personal mobility system.

7. Regular contributor to Open Source software (OpenFrameworks, mbed and Processing