Invited talks

1. Time Delayed Cinema, at Microwave New Media Art Festival, Hong Kong 4-15 Nov. (2006)
2. El Khronos Projector: un interfaz organico para pintar con el Tiempo, /ArtFutura, Barcelona
25-28 Oct. (2007).
3. Invited talk at the Tokyo C-Wave symposium (2007)
4. Research and Media Art at the Ishikawa-Komuro Laboratory, ArsElectronica Campus
exhibition (9.9.2008).
5. Invited talk at Samsung Electronic headquarters, Suwon, Korea (25.9.2008).
6. From Science to Art and beyond, Invited talk at Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea,
7. Kicked up from Flatland, invited talk at the Sympathetic Media Symposium: Augmented
Space Through Media, Hongik University, Seoul, Korea (24.6.2009).
8. Invited talk at “IDD meets DigitaleKlasse” (Tama Art University / Belin University).
9. Media and Humanities panel, ISMAR2010, Art/Social/Novel Media, (15/10) &
OpenSession (16/10/2010).
10. “Alvaro Cassinelli: Proyectos”, conferencia MÁSTER ARTES DIGITALES (MAD), Universidad
Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, 21/6/2011).
11. Invited talk at “Exploring Possibilities of Disseminating Science for Society” workshop
(Science Agora), Kyoto University Museum, Monday 12 Sept. (2011)
12. Interview at the MIT Media Lab, “Embodying Elusive Realities”, 15 May (2012).
13. Invited at Dagstuhl Seminar “Interaction Beyond the Desktop”, organized by Alan Dix,
James D. Hollan, Albrecht Schmidt & Jurgen Steimle, 26-31 Aug. 2012.
14. “Performing Time, Space and Light”, invited talk at Microsoft Research (Seattle), hosted by
Andy Wilson, 20 Nov. (2012).
15. Invited talk at “Kyoto University Seminar: Perspectives in Informatics”, January 27, (2013).
16. Invited talk and workshop at the Meta Industrial Design Lab/Industrial Design at Korea
Advanced Institute for Science and Technology (KAIST), 25-27 Nov. 2013.
17. Invited talk at NAIST (Nara Institute of Science and Technology / Interactive Media Design
Lab), 28.5.2014
18. Speaker at Making Augmented Reality Real symposium (MARR2014): “Minimal Displays
or Breaking the Pixel Spell”, hosted by Christian Sandor, 4/8/2014, Nara Institute of Science
and Technology.
19. Invited speaker at Taiwan DOIT 2014, Open Innovation Festival, Taiwan, 15-16 Feb. 2014.
20. Invited speaker at The Sensorium of Animals – Electroreception in Experimental and
Historical Media and Design Research (1st workshop). Swiss National Foundation funded
projet (01/2016–12/2018). Academy of Art and Design Basel, University of Applied Sciences
and Arts, Switzerland, 3/4 March 2016.
21. Invited speaker at GEN (Centro de Artes y Ciencias, Mtv. Uruguay) + INAE (Instituto Nacional
de Artes Escenicas, Montevideo, Uruguay). 1/6/2016
22. Speaker at CILAC 2016 (Foro Abierto de Ciencias América Latina y el Caribe), Analisis critico de
las nuevas tecnologias desde la perspectiva de las ciencias cognitivas, with Pablo
23. Keynote speaker at Laval Virtual 2017 (Laval, France 22-26 March 2017)
24. “Role of Maker Culture in Art & Sciences”, Invited talk, 10th anniversaire Plan Ceibal,
Education & Innovation Forum, LATU, Uruguay, 10-11 May 2017
25. Invited speaker, red MEDIÁFORA (live), “Conversatorio en Artes Mediales”, with artists Daniel
Cruz (Chile), Federico Gaumet (Argentina), Álvaro Cassinelli (Uruguay) y Martín Craciun
(Uruguay), organized by Anilla Cultural Latinoamerica-Europa, 22.Jun.2017.


Other scientific presentations / demos

1. A. Cassinelli and K. Takashi, OCULAR-III architecture for parallel interconnections using
guide-wave interconnection modules, OSAKA Research Meeting, 28 Oct. 2002.
2. A. Cassinelli and M. Naruse, Active Alignment system, fiber-bundle interconnection
modules and Ocular-II Quad-tree compression demonstration, OSAKA Research Meeting,
20 Nov. 2001.
3. A. Cassinelli, Alexis Zerroug and M. Ishikawa, Wireless Haptic Radar. Ars Electronica Center
(AEC, Linz). Permanent exhibition New Views of Humankind/Main Gallery/Robolab (since
4. A. Cassinelli and M. Ishikawa, Volume Slicing Display, exhibited at LAVAL VIRTUAL 2009,
22-26 April 2009. Awarded a prix in the section Medicine and Health.
5. A. Cassinelli, Alexis Zerroug and M. Ishikawa, Haptic Radar and HaptiKar, exhibited
at LAVAL VIRTUAL 2009, 22-26 April 2009.
6. A. Cassinelli, D. Manabe, Y. Kuribara and M. Ishikawa: scoreLight, exhibited
at CONTEX2009 (Digital Content Expo 2009 at Miraikan – Museum of Emerging Science and
Innovation, Tokyo), 22-25 October 2009 / Symposium (25 October 2009).
7. D.Wilde, A. Cassinelli, “in-visible skirt and other imaginary things”, talk at the Yebisu
International Festival of Art and Alternative Visions (commissioned work in collaboration
with Danielle Wilde, 18-27/2/2011).
8. A. Cassinelli, Laser Sensing Display & scoreLight shown at the JST Symposium in
conjunction with IEEE VR2011, SUNTEC Convention Center, SINGAPORE (20-27.3.2011).
9. Parshakova T., Mijoo Cho, Cassinelli A., Saakes D.: Ratchair at Digital Content Expo 2016 at
Miraikan (Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation), Tokyo, Oct. 27-30 (2016)