Media Art Exhibitions

 (solo or in collaboration)

1. Khronos Projector (interactive installation):
• Split Film Festival (Croatia), 3/6-10/7/2005
• Interactive Tokyo 2005 (25-26/8/2005).
• NHK Digital Stadium, Best Selection Award (aired at NHK-BS2, 8/10/2005).
• NHK Digital Stadium, Finalist Award (aired at NHK-BS, 14/1/2006).
• Digital Art Festival 2005 (awarded the Panasonic Prize) (9-13/12/2005).
• 9th Japan Media Art Festival, (Grand Prize in Art Division) the (24/2-5/3/2006).
• Laval Virtual (France), (25-30/4/ 2006)
• Aired in “On a tout essaye” TV program, France2 television (4/5/2006).
• TIMESCAPE installation at the Okamura Design Space (collaboration with architect
Hiroshi Naito), Tokyo (13-28/07/2006), TV-Tokyo, 知恵の和 program 13/08/2006.
• Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica 2006 (Interactive Art Category). Piece
exhibited at the O.K. Center for Contemporary Art in Linz, Austria. (Prix Ars and
Cyberarts 2006 exhibition, 31/08-8/10/2006).
• Exhibited (for two years since 2006) at the ArsElectronica Center (AEC) in Linz, Austria.
• Future of Design Pavillon at WIRED NEXTFEST 2006 in New York (20/09-01/10/2006).
• Animatronica – Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, Hong Kong
• NTT Inter Communication Center “Sight & Sound: Watch the sound, listen to the
images” exhibition, 14/7-2/9 2007. Featured spatialized sound on the screen.
• Design Pavillon at WIRED NEXTFEST 2007, LA, Convention Center (13-16/09/2007)
• Festival ArtFutura, Barcelona 25-28 Oct. (2007).
• “OpenPlay”, Digital Art Festival Taipei, 23/11 – 2/12 Taipei, Taiwan (2007)
• VIA Festival International (20-22/3 in Maubeuge), and EXIT08 festival international
(28/3-5/4, Maison des Arts de Creteil), France (2008).
• Tokyo Science and Technology museum, (6/7/2008, Tokyo).
• J-PARC opening ceremony, Ibaraki-ken (10.8.2008)
• Scopitone Festival (Nantes, France, 17-21 Sept. 2008)
• Permanent exhibition since 2/2017 at ANTEL (Uruguay’s government-owned
telecommunications company), at Espacio Ciencias (Montevideo, Uruguay).
• Various TV programs in Japan and abroad (see Media Appearances).


2. Dis-Chorde (interactive sound/video installation) with Philippe Chatelain and Daito Manabe. Museum of Contemporary Art (MOT), Tokyo (2007).


3. Flat Elephant Walks, 12-27.7.2007, Okamura Design Space R / New Otani Garden Coat, Tokyo. By Shin Egashira with the help of Okamura technical team, Yuji Fukui (mechanical structures) & Alvaro Cassinelli (visual interaction).


4. Dorkbotswisstokyo 2007 (interactive sound/image performance with Stephane Perrin).


5. NoForkDroise (toys + percussions) + alvarocassinelli
• N.1. Live performance at Nana Hari, interactive visuals (22.12.2007).
• N.2. Live performance at Nana Hari, Interactive visuals & sound (19.1.2008).


6. boxedEgo interactive-art installation:
• Commissioned for Sonar/SonarMatica 2008 FUTURE PAST CINEMA (curated by Jose
Luis de Vicente, Oscar Abril Ascaso and Advanced Music. With the collaboration of
Medialab-Prado and the Museu de Cinema de Girona).
• Exhibited at the Media Lab Prado, Madrid, “Vision Play”, 2008.
• Exhibited at ArsElectronica – Tokyo University Campus Exhibition: HYBRID EGO
• SNUMOA, Game+Interactive Media Art, Museum of Art, Seoul National University


7. Sticky Light exhibited at ArsElectronica – University Campus Exhibition: HYBRID EGO


8. Hapti-cat mask & Electric Silhouette
• Maker Fair Tokyo 2009
• DOIT Taiwan Open Innovation Festival (DOIT TAIWAN 2014)


9. Wireless Haptic Radar
• ArsElectronica – Tokyo University Campus Exhibition: HYBRID EGO, 2008.
• ArsElectronica Center (AEC, Linz) as part of the permanent exhibition New Views of
Humankind/Main Gallery/Robolab (since Feb.2009).


10. Ghostly Images Appearing in Moving Human Eyes and Still Machine Eyes (with H.
Ando, and J. Watanabe), DIGITAL EXPERIENCES Synthesis – Curated Show at Siggraph
ASIA 2008, pp52, Singapore, (2008).


11. It’s a Donnie World, winner Dorbot Tokyo 2009. Face/pose recognition, Augmented


12. ScoreLight (with Daito Manabe)
• Invited at CONTEX2009, 22-25 October 2009, Miraikan, Museum of Emerging Science
and Innovation, Tokyo, JAPAN.
• 13th Japan Media Art Festival 2009 (Excellence Prize), The National Art Center, Tokyo,
JAPAN (3/2-14/2/2009).
• SIGGRAPH ASIA 2009 (juried), Art Gallery: Adaptation. Yokohama, Japan, 17-19
december 2009. Art Gallery & Emerging Technologies DIGITAL EXPERIENCES, p.15
• EXIT & VIA festival , Creteil and Maubeuge, FRANCE (18-28/3/2010)
• Fuji TV stage, ホルスの好奇心, 3.1.2010.
• Scopitone 2010 (15-19/9.2010, Nantes, FRANCE)
• Lille3000, “Dancing Machine” (2/7 – 31/10 2010, Lille, FRANCE)
• Kyoto Media Art Festival (2/9-12/9/2010, Kyoto, JAPAN)
• Okayama Media Art Festival (30/10-7/11/2010, Okayama, JAPAN)
• Japanese television (Nihon Terebi, 「世界一受けたい授業」), aired 18.12.2010.
• SNUMOA, Game+Interactive Media Art, Museum of Art, Seoul National University
• Japanese television, TV Asahi, “Sakicho” program (Dec.2010).
• Sonar Tokyo Festival (2-3.4.2011)
• The sense of Machines (one year exhibit at Disseny Hub Barcelona – DHUB),
(21.06.2011 – 15/01/2012)
• Dancing Machine / Monaco Dance Forum (10-17 Dec. 2011).
• Microwave Festival: Alchemy: Drifting lab (6-21/11/2011)
• CHI2012 Interactivity session (5-10/5/2012)
• Tokyo Designer Week (Some experiments with 3d shapes and scorelight in
collaboration with Daito Manabe (2012/10/31).
• DOIT Taiwan Open Innovation Festival (DOIT TAIWAN 2014)


13. LightArrays (with Danielle Wilde)
• Performance and installation at the Yebisu International Festival of Art and Alternative
Visions (commissioned work in collaboration with Danielle Wilde, 18-27/2/2011)
• Spacing Movements Outside in. (SEAM2011). Sydney, September (2011)
• Microwave Festival: Alchemy: Drifting lab (6-21/11/2011).
• CHI2012 Interactivity session (5-10/5/2012)


14. Numbers, Time & Space: seeing through numbers (by Alvaro Cassinelli & Philippe
Chatelain), Taller de Produccion directed by Chris Sugrue and Daniel Sanchez / Media Lab
Prado, Madrid (March 2011). Exhibition: 29/3/2011.


15. Line-Surface-Noise, with Philippe Chatelain. Fundacio Pilar i Juan Miro, Mallorca,
October 11th – November 30th 2008.


16. Fil Rouge, with Horacio Cassinelli, 2011, Galerie Schumm-Braunstein, Paris.


17. Brillian Cube (by Jin-Yo Mok) / contributed visuals (in collaboration with Jussi Angesleva),
Gangnam district, October to December 2013.


18. Songe d’une Nuit d’Hiver (A Midwinter Night’s Dream), by A.Cassinelli, S. Shibatsu
Perrin and M. Ishibashi.
• Institut francais du Japon, DIGITAL SHOCK -Tokyo, 21/2-23/3 2014
• Toro-bots at DOIT Taiwan Open Innovation Festival (DOIT TAIWAN 2014)
• Exhibited at various places in Montevideo, Uruguay, since 2015.


19. Cybernetic RattenKonig. With Horacio Cassinelli for the exhibition “IMAGEN”, Galerie
Schumm-Braunstein, Paris (13 mars – 25 avril 2012).


20. SimulTa-ngo (2013). Connecting Studio RADA with other milongas around the world in
time and space. Made with ofxGstRTP from Arturo Castro and Seth Hunter, and ofTwitter.
System synch iTunes in real time.


21. Interactive Notebook Exhibition (2014). Interactive exhibition of 10 years of notebooks
at Cafe & Shop Uma Merdre (September 2014). Made with OF.


22. Dancing Robot Lamps (contribution to Emil Montgomery event “Quantum”), 11.2.2015,
SODRE, Montevideo, Uruguay.


23. Laser Pong and Torbots, exhibited in many events related to SinergiaTech since 8/4/2016,
Montevideo, Uruguay.