Most relevant mass-media appearances

• Monte Carlo TV (Uruguay), about REBOOT WORKSHOP, 1/9/2016.
• NHK BS2 (デジスタ) with the “KhronosProjector”, Best Selection Award (8/10/2005)
• NHK BS2 (デジスタアウォード) with the “KhronosProjector” (14/1/2006)
• TV Tokyo (テレビ東京), 「知恵の和」with the “KhronosProjector” (13/8/2006)
• France 2 (French broadcasting television) with the “KhronosProjector” at “On a tout
essaye”, (4/5/2006)
• NTV Japan Television (日本テレビ),「世界一受けたい授業, with “HapticRadar”
• FNN (Fuji-terebi), 「ホルスの好奇心」 with “scoreLight”, (3/1/2010)
• FNN (Fuji-terebi), 「ホルスの好奇心」 with “Khronos Projector”, (11/4/2010)
• TV Tokyo (テレビ東京),「さきっちょ」, with “Khronos Projector”, (22/6/2010)
• TV Tokyo, ワールドビジネスサテライト「トレンドたまご」, “Volume Slicing Display”,
• TBS,「夢の扉」, with “Khronos Projector”, (5/9/2010)
• BS Japan, 「世の中進歩堂」, with Khronos Projector & Volume Slicing Display (17/9/2010)
• NTV Japan Television (日本テレビ),「世界一受けたい授業」, with Volume Slicing Display
• NTV Japan Television (日本テレビ),「世界一受けたい授業」, with Smart Laser Scanner
• テレ朝, 「さきっちょ」, with “Sensing Display” (17/1/2011).
• TBS,「教科書に載せたい」, with“Khronos Projector” (3/5/2011).
• “Laser Scanner Reads Air Writing”, article on Discovery (Sept. 1, 2005)
• Discovery Channel (covering WIRED NEXT FEST), with the “Khronos Projector”
• The Daily Planet (Discovery Channel Canada), about “Haptic Radar” (Nov. 6, 2007)
• RTVE (radio television Espanola), interview 17.6.2008
• RTVE, Japan_ON (Metrópolis) Fall 2010.
• ITV1 British Television, with Joanna Lumley as “Catwoman”, aired on 6th-13th Sept. 2009.
• Interview at Cite des Sciences ( WebTV, (23/9/2010)
• ANTENA 3 TV, El Hormiguero, (scoreLight), with special guest Hugh Jackman, June 2014.
• Canal Doce, Montevideo, Uruguay (showing dancing robots), February 2015.
• CHINA TIMES CTV, with Torobots in the garden, 15.11.2015.
• Several newspapers and international magazines: including Nikkei Shinbun (Japan),
Tokyo Shinbun (Japan), アスキ (Japan), ArtTop (Japan), PopEye (Japan), Nikkan Kogyo
Shimbun (Japan), Metropolis (Japan), Sankei Shinbun (Japan), Tokyo Design Brand (Japan),
Okamura Design Space-R (Japan), ID Magazine, Wired Magazine (USA), Liberation
(France), Le Soir (France), Avantages (France), L’Ordinateur Individuel (France), The
Guardian (UK), etc.
• Online: Works featured in Gizmodo, IEEE magazine, Ubergizmo, BoingBoing,
We-make-money-not-art, Wired, etc.


Some video-taped interviews (with links)

• Talk at Microsoft Research (Seattle): “Performing Time, Space and Light”, hosted by Andy
Wilson, 20 Nov. 2012 [PDF-94MB] (in English).
• “I/0/I. Els sentits de les màquines” (“The sense of machines”, Bacelona, 2011) (in Spanish).
• Interview at Cite des Sciences, WebTV, 23/9/2010 (in French)
• Interview RTVE (radio television Espanola): 17.6.2008
• RTVE, Japan_ON (Metrópolis) Fall 2010 (in English)
• Speaker at MARR symposium (Making Augmented Reality Real): “Minimal Displays or
Breaking the Pixel Spell”, hosted by Christian Sandor, 4/8/2014, Nara Institute of Science
and Technology [PDF-9MB] (in English).